Design notes



  • The nodes that are enable to log into shell are enable to have two discovery way. Those are the installing multicast DNS(mDNS) agent and the polling from the discovery daemon. (calls the agent node.)
  • The nodes that are disable to log into shell have only one discovery way that is the polling from the discovery daemon(calls the discoverd. Those nodes are named from MAC address with MA-L Public Listing. (calls the agentless node.)
    • This site provides the search form only, but not provide API.
    • The oui.txt has been updated daily, the file size is quite large with more than 3.3MB.
    • So we obtain the oui.txt once only when komame process start, store the data in memory.
    • Polling is ICMP echo request, so you execute as a root permissive.


  • The agent nodes are enabled to lookup DNS with mDNS agent only.
  • The agentless nodes need the authoritative server for the LAN.
  • Use the metadata acquired from agent and discoverd to PowerDNS API that is the built-in REST/JSON API of the PowerDNS (authoritative server >= 3.4). * The searching neighbor networks use traceroute the target address, and

Draw diagram

  • Drawing the network diagrams from the gathered data, using the linkdraw.
  • Generating JSON formated data from gathered data, see also the examples of linkdraw.

Data flow

blockdiag node agent cache controller discover agent API client JSON gene rator PowerDNS API Authoritati ve linkdraw ping mDNS REST/JSON JSON REST/JSON JSON DNS lookup REST/JSON JSON REST/JSON JSON DNS lookup nodes komame PowerDNS Browser